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Shiri Perl, LPN, IBCLC
Founder & CEO of Best Latch, LLC

As the founder of Best Latch, LLC, my mission is to provide accessible, affordable, and excellent care to support all families in their lactation journey. Your path to successful feeding starts here.With over a decade of pediatric nursing & lactation experience, including my own breastfeeding journey, I'm here to ensure that every baby is well-fed and every parent feels confident. Specializing in complex issues like tongue ties, special needs, breast complexities, pumping and latch problems, I'm passionate about creating a nurturing and comfortable feeding experience. When I am not working with clients, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful little boy, my loving & support husband, and our doggies. I also enjoy the ocean, sailing, needlework crafts (knitting, crochet & needlepoint!) . 

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My Story

    With a passion for nurturing newborns and a commitment to empowering parents, I am a dedicated International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who has been serving the healthcare community since 2013. My journey into the world of lactation consulting has been deeply influenced by my background as a pediatric nurse and my personal experience as a breastfeeding mother. This unique blend of professional expertise and personal insight has allowed me to specialize in addressing complex challenges such as tongue ties, latch issues, breast complexities, pumping, and caring for special needs and NICU babies.

    My guiding philosophy is simple yet profound: "A fed baby is a happy baby." I firmly believe that the journey of feeding, whether through breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, or a combination of both, is a precious bonding experience between a parent and their child. As a lactation consultant, my primary objective is to educate new parents about the multitude of benefits associated with breastfeeding, offer practical solutions to troubleshoot any issues that may arise, and serve as a relentless advocate for both mother and child. My aim is to transform the breastfeeding experience into a seamless, nurturing, and nourishing journey filled with comfort and love.

    I recognize the importance of cohesive care coordination among healthcare providers and patients. By facilitating open lines of communication and fostering collaboration between all parties involved, I aim to ensure that every family receives the comprehensive support they deserve.

    I work closely with each client, tailoring my approach to your specific needs and goals. I eagerly look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your newest additions.  

    Together, we can make your breastfeeding experience one of comfort, love, and nourishment, ensuring that your little ones get the best start in life.

My claim audit experience is extensive. I worked as an LPN in a thriving pediatric practice as their billing & practice manager as well as working for a large insurance company for 13 years, where I gained expertise in billing & coding. I have taken many courses in billing & coding, completed insurance audits for multiple specialties and have had great success in private practice claim audits where I help private practices ensure appropriate coding. This is why helping other IBCLC practices with their billing & coding practices has become an added passion of mine. 


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