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Merchandise Taxes, Shipping, Handling & Refund Policy

Lactation Consultation Refund, Late & Cancellation Policy

Ear Piercing Cancellation, Late & Refund policy

Payment is due at the time of purchase/upon invoice receipt. Shipping & handling fee may be added to some orders. Taxes are added to final order based on local/state sales tax laws. Due to health & safety, refunds & exchanges are not accepted. If you feel your order is defective, refunds/replacements may be made at the discretion of Shiri Perl & Best Latch. More information, photo's and other forms of proof may be required to proceed with replacements for defective items. This policy is subject to change. Invoices & orders that remain unpaid after 14 days will be cancelled. Items cannot be resold to others. The designs of Best Latch merchandise are copyrighted proprietary designs and duplicate or copying designs are prohibited and may be subject to legal consequences.

1. Insurance: We accept assignment and participate in most Aetna & UHC plans.We also work with The Lactation Network for BCBS, Cigna & Anthem plan. If your insurance is not a plan we participate in, payment in full is expected at each visit. Knowing your insurance benefits is your responsibility. Please contact your insurer with any questions you may have regarding your coverage to receive the maximum benefit. If your plain requires prior authorization, it is the patient responsibility to get that completed. If your plan requires prior authorization and patient does not complete this prior to the visit, the balance for full services may be applied to patient, and patient is responsbile for payment within 30days subject to the same rules as Self Pay patients. 2. Patient payment: All copayments and deductibles are to be paid at the time of service. This arrangement is part of your contract with your insurance company. 3. Registration: All patients must complete our patient information form, which will be entered into our computer to maintain accurate information for proper billing. We must obtain a copy of your driver’s license and current valid insurance card to provide proof of insurance. If you fail to provide us with the correct insurance information, or your insurance changes and you fail to notify us in a timely manner, you may be responsible for the balance of a claim. Most insurance companies have time filing restrictions; if a claim is not received within 30 days of the date of service, it can be rendered ineligible for payment and you will be responsible for the balance that remains. 4. Claims: We will submit your claims and assist you in any way we reasonably can to help get your claims paid if you are in-network. If you are Out of Network, it is up to you whether you would like us to file for you & pay upfront, with a refund for balance if we receive payment, OR you will be provided with a superbill and can submit it on your own. For both cases of out of network coverage, payment is due upfront. If our office gets reimbursed for services you paid out of pocket for, you will be refunded the balance of your payment. Typically, insurances out of network will reimburse patient directly, in which case you will not receive a refund from us. Your insurance company may not accept information from our office and may need information from you. It is your responsibility to comply with their request. Please be aware that the balance of your claim is your responsibility whether your insurance company pays or not. Your insurance benefits is a contract between you and your insurance company; we are not party to theat contract. 5. Self Pay patients: We offer Self Pay discounts to our patients who do not have insurance or chose to not use their insurance benefits. Please be advised that the discount is only good when the charges are paid at the time of service. If the charges are not paid at the time of service, the discount will be removed and payment of the full charge will be expected before the next visit. If a balance remains, you will receive a monthly statement that is due upon receipt. Any account balance over 90 days will be subject to review for collection action. 6. Credit and collection: If your account is more than 90 days past due, you will receive a letter stating that you have 30 days to pay your account in full. Partial payments will not be accepted unless otherwise negotiated. Please be aware that if a balance has remained unpaid, it may be sent to a collection agency. If an account is sent to collection, it is the policy of this office to discharge the patient and possibly immediate family members from the practice. You will at that time be notified by regular and certified mail that you will have 30 days to find alternative medical care. During that 30- day period our physicians will be able to treat you only on an emergency basis. 7. “NO SHOW POLICY”: Our policy is to charge $50 for missed appointments not canceled or rescheduled within 24 hours. These charges will be your responsibility and billed directly to you. Please help us serve you better by keeping your regularly scheduled appointment. 8. Travel Fees may apply if you are located more than 2 miles from Best Latch, LLC at a rate of $2/mile round trip.

REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY: Best Latch, LLC will get your approval of the marks prior to piercing the ears. Approving the marks is considered certification that you are happy with the piercing location. No refunds will be given to re-pierce. Instead, Best Latch, LLC will waive the piercing fee for the first re-pierce and charge only the cost of the earrings. For all subsequent re-piercings the full service and earring fee apply. There are no refunds. Same day cancellations are subject to a $25 cancellation fee per person being pierced. If an earring or earring back falls off within the first 6 weeks of healing, we have replacements for you and are available to help put the earring back in. The first replacement of the (1) earring back is free, but each additional is $5. The first replacement of the (1) earring itself is $25, but it is at full cost of piercing each additional.

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