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Ear Piercings
by Shiri Perl, LPN, IBCLC

Nurse Shiri's 7 years of medical grade pediatric ear piercings has made countless  people from infants to adults shine a bit brighter! Trust her expertise to give your child a safe and beautiful ear piercing experience.

Check out some of her work below & See the FAQ's! 

*Images are copyright of Best Latch, LLC and shared with permission

Ear Piercing FAQ

What kind of piercings can I get?

We offer lobe, cartilage and artistic ear piercings

What kind of earrings do you offer?

We have a wide assortment of earrings to chose from and inventory may vary. We only pierce with highest quality, medical grade, sterile earrings in hypoallergenic, nickel free materials. Our assortment includes 14k white and yellow gold, 14k gold plated, 24k gold plated, 14k rose gold, stainless medical steel, medical grade titanium and medical grade plastic. 

How much does it cost

Pricing per person:

$95 for in studio + cost of earrings 

$150 for in home + cost of earrings + possible travel fee (depending on where located)

Note earring prices vary based on material & stone from $0-$70

What ages do you pierce?

We pierce clients age 2 months and older. Parent/Guardian must be present and consent to the piercings if under 18 years old. All infants who are to be pierced must have had at least one dose of the DTAP vaccine. 

How long until I can change my earrings?

EARLOBE PIERCINGS: Keep the piercing earrings in for at least 6 weeks. 

 CARTILAGE PIERCINGS: Keep the piercing earrings in for at least 12 weeks. 

AFTER the healing periods listed, you can change your earrings if you wish. You should wear earrings 24/7 for the first year or else the holes may close

Do you use numbing cream?

Most clients report that getting their ear pierced is a mild discomfort, and not truly painful. Numbing cream is not recommended on infants less than 1 year of age and therefore we do not recommend it. If you do wish to use numbing cream and your child is over 1 year of age,  you can purchase it OTC as Lidocaine cream and apply prior to the appointment. We will not apply any numbing cream ourselves. 

Can you pierce both ears at once?

Surprisingly, YES! My unique technique and instruments allow us to stabilize the earlobe while maintaining the location of the piercing and are single handed, thereby making it absolutely possible for me to pierce both ears at once. Note that I may not be able to do this on every client, as some ear anatomy and piercing earrings require one-at-a-time piercings. 

How did you learn to pierce?

I am a Licensed Practical Nurse and Lactation Consultant. I have spent 13 years working in pediatric practices, where I originally began piercing under the medical guidance of pediatricians. I have completed piercing certifications through both Inverness and Blomdahl as well has completed an apprenticeship for pediatric ear piercing. To date, I have pierced over 100 ears and counting!

Do you do ear piercing parties or groups?

YES! But, if more than one person is getting pierced it's best to reach out to me first via email at to get a price and to schedule.  

What do you pierce with?

I utilize two different piercing instruments, depending on the earring chosen as well as the age of client. Our piercing instruments are single-use hand pressure devices which safely and precisely guide the earring through the lobe or cartilage and minimizes trauma. These devices are sterile, single use cartridges. The earring backs automatically attach securely and comfortably and are rounded/protected on the back end making them comfortable to sleep on. 


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