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Shiri Perl, LPN, IBCLC & Best Latch, LLC

I have been a pediatric nurse since 2013 with a special focus on newborn care. Through this experience, I have gained extensive knowledge on the dynamics between parents and baby, and the importance of chestfeeding. I set out to become a Lactation Consultant to adjunct my nursing expertise.

I started Best Latch, LLC in order to be able to provide excellent, affordable & accessible lactation & postpartum care to all parents. I strongly feel there is a lack of accessible lactation care for parents in the United States, and therefore set out to not only find the best providers to care for our clients, but to ensure continuity of care. Our providers are all International Board Certified Lactation Consultants with a passion for caring for the baby/parent dyad. Lactation Care is not just for breastfeeding parents, but for all pregnant & postpartum people to be able to provide education on feeding your baby, taking care of your body postpartum, and ensure a nurturing & nourishing relationship between baby & parent. We take care to help our clients meet their goals. We look forward to providing you with the Best Latch experience. 

I always strive to provide the best, evidence based care. I believe the best care comes from meeting families where they are; by working together to meet their goals. Breastmilk is an ever dynamic, nurturing substance for baby. We are very lucky to live in a world where formula is an adequate replacement therapy for when human milk is not an option. But human milk, for human babies is the gold standard of care. And the data is clear- human milk & chestfeeding saves lives.  My goal as a lactation consultant is to educate new parents on the benefits of chestfeeding, help troubleshoot issues, and be an advocate for both the lactating parent and child, in making the feeding experience one of comfort, love and nourishment. I have a special interest in tongue & lip ties, LGBTQIA+ parents, supply issues, special need feeding & latch troubleshooting. 

I believe in the importance of care coordination between providers & patients and strive to provide care and communication between all involved.Therefore, we make sure to provide appropriate resources and timely referrals.

I am proud to be LGBTQIA+ ally and am inclusive in both my language and practice, sensitive to the trials of parents who are a part of this beautiful community. Additionally, I have completed extra trainings in providing trauma-sensitive chestfeeding & care to those who may have a history of past traumas of any kind, and pride myself on providing a safe, genuine, and comfortable experience tailored to the needs of the lactating and postpartum parent. 

I look forward to meeting you and your newest additions !

Shiri has been such a savior for me and my newborn! she helped us get comfortable latching, create a routine, and answer all my new mom questions! Can't recommend enough!

Mari C.

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