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Disha Gehani, IBCLC, CEIM

Hi!  I am an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant. I have been a maternal and child health professional for over 5 years with direct clinical in-patient/ out-patient experience in hospital, community and private practice settings. Forever fascinated with the wonders of breastmilk and benefits of breastfeeding for mother-baby dyad, I work towards supporting families to achieve their breastfeeding goals with key focus on sensitive counselling, maternal goals, physical and mental health. I believe every mother baby dyad is unique, thus no one thing works for all, and every mother needs to feel supported on this beautiful yet challenging journey! As an IBCLC, I have had extensive experience working with mothers who have low milk supply, preterm babies, babies with Tongue/lip ties, torticollis and other issues that could potentially affect breastfeeding. I also work with babies who have special needs.  I am a small business owner and Founder of TinyTouch and work as a Certified Educator for Infant Massage as well. All babies benefit from nurturing touch. I am quite an outdoor person, hiking, biking, yoga and traveling refresh my soul. I also enjoy cooking.  At Best Latch, I look forward to teaching tiny humans how to work for their food and help their mammas! 

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